Effective immediately per Supreme Council, Degrees have been rebranded.  They are no longer to be referenced as First Degree, Second Degree, and Third Degree.  They are now referenced as Admission Degree, Formation Degree, and Knighthood Degree.  According to Don Ulisse, FDD, Degree Coordinator for Bergen, “Supreme states that willful reference to these Degrees by their former titles will constitute venial sin”.

Degree dates are listed below.  Please follow these rules for attending any degree:

  1. The Grand KnighMUST contact his District Deputy, the Host Grand Knight, or the Host District Deputy of the conferring council at least three(3) days before the degree that he is sending/bringing candidates to the degree.
  2. Be on time!  Sign-in time is generally 7:30 PM with the degree beginning at 8 PM SHARP unless otherwise noted.
  3. Candidates, sponsors, and anyone attending a degree is to be dressed in jacket and tie.
  4. Candidates, sponsors, and anyone attending a degree must be in possession of a current and signed travel card.
  5. Councils MUST provide travel cards for the degree a candidate is taking (Admission, Formation, or Knighthood).
  6. You will need to submit the following to help ensure that the degree begins on time.  Ideally the Financial Secretary should draft a letter of introduction on council letterhead with the following information:
  • Council Name and Number (if not on letterhead).
  • Financial Secretary’s Name and Telephone Number.
  • Full name of each candidate taking the degree.

Grand Knights AND District Deputies MUST FOLLOW PROPER DEGREE PROTOCOLDegree protocol is listed below.  Too many Grand Knights and District Deputies are not following protocol, which leads to unexpected candidates showing up at degrees which results in higher than anticipated candidate counts, which in turn affects how the degree runs and affects the host council’s planning for refreshments.



  • Councils sending candidates and sponsors MUST notify the host council Grand Knight.  This allows the host council and the Degree Team to plan accordingly.
  • Councils sending candidates must ensure that whomever is taking the candidate(s) has a Candidate Kit for each candidate taking the degree.


  • Councils MUST notify THEIR DISTRICT DEPUTY who in turn notifies the HOST DISTRICT DEPUTY of the council’s intent to send candidates and/or sponsors to the degree.

KNIGHTHOOD DEGREE:  Councils should bring the new Knighthood Degree medallions for their candidates.


  • A letter of introduction from the council’s Financial Secretary.
  • A valid travel card for all sponsors and non-candidate attendees.
  • An Admission, Formation, or Knighthood Degree Travel Card for each candidate attending the degree.

Nothing is more embarrassing than going to a degree and realizing that you forgot to bring the items just listed!

PLEASE NOTE:  If your council is planning a degree at any level: Use the schedule below to plan accordingly.
Submit the date to the webmaster so it can be posted.  This will help prevent multiple degrees from being scheduled and will help other councils plan degrees accordingly.  Addresses and maps to degree locations are available by selecting the degree date on the calendar page.  Tentative degrees will be listed as such until finalized by the Grand Knight or District Deputy.

Degree DateDegreeCouncilGK / DDTelephone Number
E-mail Address
Second Tuesday of the Month:
Confirm Candidates no later than
3 days prior to the degree.


June 11 - Honoree is Cardinal Joseph Tobin

Admission Degree

St. Thomas More,
Council 2188, Westwood
Frank Mariconti, GKTo register candidates for the First Degree at Westwood,
please e-mail the council at:
Fourth Sunday of the Month:
Confirm Candidates no later than
3 days prior to the degree.


June 23
Registration: 5:30 PM
Degree Starts: 6:00 PM

Admission Degree

Archbishop Walsh, Council 3550,
Palisades Park

Council meets at:
St. Matthew Church
555 Prospect Avenue, Ridgefield
Anthony Ventre, GKTo register candidates for the First Degree at
Palisades Park/Ridgefield, please contact the
Grand Knight at:

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Formation Degree

Archbishop Walsh, Council 3550,
Palisades Park/Ridgefield
Dennis DeSantis, DD201/310-8055
Friday, June 7, 2019

Knighthood Degree

St. Michael,
Council 2861,
Marc DePasquale, DD201/906-9274
Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Formation Degree

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Council 3644,
Steve Hutnik, DD201/978-9679
Friday, October 25, 2019

Knighthood Degree

Queen of Peace, Council, 3428,
North Arlington
Steve Hutnik, DD201/978-9679