On July 1st, the individual Admission, Formation, and Knighthood Degrees

have been merged into a new Degree called Charity, Unity, and Fraternity (CUF).

Current members who have only taken the Admission or Formation Degrees will now take the CUF combined Degree.

The new CUF Degree can now take place with friends and families of the council in attendance per instructions from Supreme Council.

All Degree gatherings must conform to local municipality and Diocesan guidance.

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Degree dates are listed at the bottom of this page.  Please follow these suggestions for attending a Degree hosted by another council:

  1. The Grand Knight MUST contact the Host Grand Knight, at least three(3) days before the degree that he is sending/bringing candidates and guests to the degree.  This will help the host council plan for enough refreshments.
  2. Be on time!  Sign-in time is generally 30 minutes prior to the Degree start time unless otherwise noted.
  3. This is not a casual event.  However, no candidate or guest should be scrutinized or turned away due to their attire.
    • CANDIDATES:  Let them know that they can wear a suit and tie, but a collared dress shirt with dress pants is also appropriate.
    • PRESENTERS:  The preferred attire is suit and tie with ceremonial baldric. At the very minimum shirt, blazer, and slacks with ceremonial baldric.
    • COUNCIL OFFICERS:  The preferred attire is suit and tie with Medal of Office. Matching, branded Knights of Columbus Council shirts would also be appropriate.
  4. How should candidates be greeted and assembled?
    • Candidates should be greeted by the Financial Secretary and assembled in an area that will be conducive to reviewing the pledges and signing the Constitutional Roll.  If the Field Agent to assist. Add assistants based on class size.
    • The Warden escorts those to be exemplified to their reserved seats in front of the assembly. For small classes, they may be escorted as a group. For large classes, they may be escorted in small groups as they finish signing the Constitutional Roll.
    • Candidates should be seated on the side of the presentation space that is directly facing the presentation podium.
  5. Sending councils should bring a letter of introduction with the following information as the host council will need to file Form 450 – Degree Exemplification Report following the Degree.
    • Council Name and Number (if not on letterhead).
    • Financial Secretary’s Name and Telephone Number.
    • Full name of each candidate taking the degree.

PLEASE NOTE:  If your council is planning a degree at any level: Use the schedule below to plan accordingly.
Submit the date to the webmaster so it can be posted.  This will help prevent multiple degrees from being scheduled and will help other councils plan degrees accordingly.  Addresses and maps to degree locations are available by selecting the degree date on the calendar page.  Tentative degrees will be listed as such until finalized by the Grand Knight.

Degree DateDegreeCouncilGK / DDTelephone Number
E-mail Address