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I'm posting this on the Federation website as this happened with the Bergen Chapter.

Officers of the Bergen Chapter recently received an e-mail claiming to be from Chapter Chairman John Leclercq asking for gift cards to be sent to a specific e-mail address.

If you receive such an e-mail, check the e-mail address - if the domain (the part of the e-mail address after the "@" symbol) says assoreference.org, DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

We already had one Brother who fell for the scam.

Thank you.

Dave Torebka, FDD

2021 Federation Golf Outing

The 2021 Federation Golf Outing will be held on Friday, September 10th at the River Vale Country Club.
Dinner to follow at St. John, Council 1345, Dumont/Bergenfield.
For details, please refer to the flyer HERE

SAVE Moms and Babies Act

The State Council Religious and Civil Rights Committee has issued the following message from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  It has been approved by State Deputy Vinnie Tavormina for immediate distribution to our membership.


Reminder Regarding Website Postings


Just some reminders regarding policies and procedures for submitting postings for the website.

Events that are sponsored by the Bergen Federation, First New Jersey District Fourth Degree, New Jersey State Council, Supreme Council, or the Archdiocese of Newark appear on the Home page.
Events that are Council/Assembly sponsored appear on the Council Events page.
All items to be posted must go through the Federation President, who will review the material to be posted.  If approved, he will forward the information to me for posting.
Ideally, please submit your material AT LEAST 3 WEEKS before the date of your event.  This will give the Federation President time to review the material and forward it to me.  In addition, your posting will have ample time to be on the website to be viewed by others who can respond to your events.
Postings are removed automatically after the event.

Want to be notified of events and news?  If you aren't receiving notifications about events and news and would like to, enter your name and e-mail address in the Federation Updates section of the home page and click Submit.
Lastly, and this is very important - If you are posting an event that involves bingo, raffle, tricky tray,  et al, you will need to provide the your New Jersey Legalized Games of Change Control Commission Registration ID number and Raffle License number on your flyer.  Since the Internet is public domain, you want to make sure your event is in compliance with New Jersey state regulations.  Also, NEVER, EVER post material the mentions games of chance and alcohol - the combination is not permitted under state regulations!!!  If you have questions regarding this last point, please feel free to ask me.

Thank you.

Dave Torebka, FDD, FS 2842
Federation Webmaster

Council Events

Just a reminder that Council Events can be viewed under the Council Events page.
Thank you.

Council Events

In 2018, it was decided to have a separate page on the website where councils can post their council events.  You'll see "Council Events" on the right side of the menu bar.

Some basic rules:

Degrees will continue to be posted on the Degrees page.  They will not be added to the Council Events page.
If your council has a color or black and white flyer, please send it to the webmaster as either a Word, PDF file or JPG/JPEG file.
Remember the "Who, What, Where, When, How Much, and Why" of the event - your council may know what you are doing, but the rest of the county may not.
IMPORTANT:  Remember that while the Federation website may be for the councils in Bergen County, the Internet is worldwide - meaning that whatever you ask to be posted must conform to Supreme and New Jersey State Council standards and practices.

New Website Feature: Subscribe to Receive Federation Updates

At the January meeting, I gave an update on the website.  Part of my update was that I was looking at ways to automatically notify the Brothers of new postings to the Federation website.  This is the first part of what I presented that night.

You may have noticed that off to the right of where these posts appear is a section where you can register to receive updates to the Federation website via e-mail.  Updates are usually posts that appear in this section of the website or events that are posted to the calendar.  By subscribing to the updates, you receive e-mails as soon as items are posted to the website.

Simply enter your name and e-mail address and click Subscribe.  You will receive an e-mail from "Bergen Federation Knights of Columbus" with the subject "Bergen Federation Knights of Columbus - Please confirm your subscription".  When you open the e-mail there will be a sentence stating that the website received an e-mail from your e-mail address and asks you to confirm it by "clicking here".  When you do so, you will receive a message thanking you and that you have been successfully subscribed as well as a welcome e-mail.  In case you don't see the e-mail, check your spam filter as well as your spam folder in your e-mail system.

As new posts are added to the website, subscribers will receive an e-mail with the words "New Post Published" in the subject line along with the post title.  Once you open the e-mail, there will be a link that you can click on which will open the post in your browser.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me webmaster@bergenfederationkofc.org


Dave Torebka, FDD, FS 2842
Webmaster, Bergen Federation